Pantomime: The History and Metamorphosis of a Theatrical Ideology (Table of Contents)

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Table of Contents

 List of Illustrations                                            



The Imperial Aesthetic of the Ancient Roman Pantomime

The Shift from Dance to Pantomime                                                    

Roman Pantomime Aesthetics  

The Pantomime Performance Scene                               

The Pyrrhic Movement 

Voice and Gesture

The Pose                                                                                                   

Combinations of Aesthetic Variables 

Pantomime Musical Accompaniment                                                

Rhythmic Features of the Accompaniment                                      

A Hypothetical Scene                                                                 

Sung Accompaniment                                                                            

Instrumental Accompaniment                                                         

Summary of Musical Components                                                        





The Pantomime Performance Program                                               

Pantomime Performance in Theaters                                                  

Villa Performance                                                                                  

Villa Pantomime and Eroticism                                                           

Pantomime Innovation and Aristocratic Competition                   

Roman Politics and Pantomime Evolution

            Consequences of the Pantomime Riots                                              

            Pantomime and Religious Procession                                                

            Pantomime and Political Affiliations                                                

            The Performance of Imperial Ideology                                               

            Female Pantomimes                                                                            

            The Expansion of Imperial Control                                                    

            The Third Century Crisis                                                                       

            The Merging of the Pantomime and Chariot Racing Factions         

            Pantomime in Gothic Italy                                                                  

            Pantomime in the Hippodrome                                                           

            Pantomime and Christianity                                                              

            Summary of Pantomime’s Evolution in the Roman Empire             

            The Disappearance of Pantomime in the West                                 

            The Ideological Shift from Performer-Driven to Text-Driven Performance         

The Return of Pantomime

The Shift from Oblivion to Paris

The English Experiment with Dumb Shows                                      

            Pantomime in the Shadow of Ballet                                                    

            French Pantomime Adapts to State Power                                       

            Diderot and Rousseau: How Pantomime Embodies Ideology         

            Pantomime against Ballet                                                                 

            Vienna and Semiramis: Pantomime Turns Serious                           

            Pantomime Provokes Theoretical Disputes                                      

            Pantomime Outside the Commedia Model                                        

            Pantomime and the French Revolution                                                         

            Salvatore Viganò                                                                                   

            Pantomimic Melodrama                                                                       

            Non-French (Female) Experiments in Pantomime                          

The Rise and Fall of Pierrot

          Pantomime in the Romantic Era                                                          

          Pantomime Noire: The Cercle Funambulesque                              

          Gilburnia (1856)

Pantomime and Modernism

The Technologization of Pantomime

          Champsaur and Richepin                                                                                  

            American Women Exert Influence on Pantomime                                          

            Blurring of Distinction between Dance and Pantomime                                

            Silent Film Pantomime                                                                                      

            Film Transforms the Partnership of Music and Pantomime                          

            Parisian Pantomime without Pierrot                                                                

Germanic Pantomime

          Pierrot in Vienna                                                                                                

            Expressionist Pantomime                                                                                  

            Max Reinhardt: Pantomimic Grandeur                                                          

            Varieties of the Austro-German Pantomimic Imagination                             

            Literary Pantomime and German Silent Film                                                

Pantomime in the 1920s

          Pantomime: A European Emblem of Modernity                                             

            Jaap Kool                                                                                                            

            Pantomime Hybrids                                                                                           

            Futurist Pantomime                                                                                           

The Pantomime Eclipse of the 1930s

          Das goldene Pferd (1930) and the Impact of Sound Film on Pantomime                                                                                

            The Hibernation of Pantomime in Paris                                                          

Pantomime and War

          Perverse Pantomime Fantasies in Nazi Germany                                            

            Helpmann’s Hamlet                                                                                            

            Les enfants du paradis (Children of Paradise                                                  

The Postwar Mime Culture


            Marcel Marceau                                                                                                  

            The Spread of the Mime Culture                                                                       

            From Mime to Movement Theater                                                                    

Pantomime in Cold War Eastern Europe

            Pantomime in Soviet Russia                                                                                

            Czechoslovakian Pantomime                                                                             



            French Pantomime in East Germany                                                               

            Henryk Tomaszewski                                                                                         

            The Latvian and Lithuanian Ventures                                                                    


Gendered Perspectives on Modernist Pantomime

            Irene Mawer                                                                                                     

            Angna Enters                                                                                                      

            Women Students of Decroux                                                                             

            Ilka Schönbein                                                                                                    

            Other Women from the Stuttgart Performing Arts Academy                       

            Chilean Pantomime                                                                                           

            Lindsay Kemp                                                                                                    

The Extinction of the Pantomimic Literary Imagination

          Beckett’s Acts without Words                                                                            

            Peter Handke                                                                                                    

            The Silence (1963)                                                                                            

            The London International Mime Festival                                                     

            Pantomime and Postmodern Performance                                                 

            Hartmut Vollmer’s Didactic Response to Postmodernism                         

            Lähtö (2014)                                                                                                    

            Desire (2019)                                                                                                     

Elodie Guézou: Lighthouse Video Performance (2021)


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